mujeres del sur

Mujeres del Sur / Women of The South was a group exhibition which featured a diverse selection of works by fifteen contemporary Latina artists living and working in Southern Texas and represented the mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and installation. This exhibition was presented to coincide with the Texas Contemporary Art Fair and opened with a public reception on Saturday, October 6, from 7 - 9 pm at The Union, and is was complimented by an artists’ panel discussion on November 10, 2018, from 2 - 4 pm.

El Rincón Social:

open studios

El Rincón Social presented its most ambitious open studios yet. Eleven resident artists opened their studios to the public in this annual event.  Visitors to "Open Studios" will had the opportunity to meet our resident artists, tour creative spaces, enjoyed performances, and purchased original artworks.


An exhibition that featured work from the archive of Houston-born artist Suzanne Paul. Proof highlighted influential characters in Houston’s art history and examined Suzanne’s unique approach to creating photography. This exhibition marked the second curatorial project conceived by Theresa Escobedo for the Deborah Colton Gallery exhibition space. Proof opened to the public on Saturday, March 12th, 2016, with a public reception.



A group exhibition that featured work from seven Houston-based artists as their burgeoning creative practices overlap and diverge. The exhibition was inspired by the synergistic potential for mutual benefit through collaborative effort and evaluates the influence of shared creative space on artistic dialogue and output as well as the significance of community to an artists’ practice. The exhibition opened Saturday, July 18th, 2015, with a reception for the artists and was complemented by an artist panel discussion.

seasons of heaven

An exhibition of select mixed media artworks by Angelbert Metoyer which surveys Metoyer’s artistic career to date and evaluates his artistic pursuit and his role within the greater timeline of contemporary art. The exhibition presents a non-chronological array of artworks that reference moments, epochs, and seasons of the artist’s personal experience as Metoyer shares the vestige – the ephemeral visual remains – of his singular pursuit of understanding through active creation. It is through this personal engagement with the creative process, combined with his assimilation of far-reaching philosophical and scientific notions, that Metoyer‘s work speaks to universalities across boundaries of many kinds to compellingly address a diverse audience. The exhibition, co-curated by Escobedo and Metoyer, opened on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014, with a reception with the artist and was complemented by a curator's talk and an artist's talk.

Terra Nullius

A group exhibition of photographic works inspired by the desert landscape. Terra Nullius, which translates to “no man’s land,” is a photographic exploration of the expansive and contradictory territory that is the desert terrain as seen through the lenses of seven visual artists. The images in Terra Nulius reflect upon this awe inspiring experience of boundless nature as each artist, respectively, reimagines the desert landscape through a considered photographic medium. In effect, Terra Nullius presupposes that “land belonging to no man” (a no-man’s land) offers the potential for a transcendent experience that belongs to all men. This exhibition opened on Thursday, March 13th with a public reception and was p resented by a FOTOFEST 2014 Biennale participating space.