the Artist

Theresa Escobedo is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, and arts director currently living and working in Houston, Texas. She studied at the University of Houston and received a Bachelor Degree of Architecture in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design with a focus on community planning. As the active Director of Main Street Projects and The Union in Houston, she curates, coordinates, and executes programs and projects designed to activate public spaces and to give artists the opportunity to impact neighborhood experiences through creative place-making and social inquiry. It is with this dedication to community that Theresa continues to work as an independent creative.


She maintains an artist's studio at El Rincón Social (The Social Corner) — an artist's collaborative/warehouse studio and exhibition venue where she and fellow artists work via local means to sustain a creative ecosystem that allows for personal artistic growth while nurturing a proactive relationship with their community.


In her free time, Theresa skates with the Yellow Rose Derby Girls, dances with Mixteco Ballet Folklorico, and volunteers at SIRE — helping children with special needs and disabilities through a program of therapeutic horsemanship.