Memoria, a photographic sculpture series in progress, is a multidisciplinary practice in image-making and in craft. This body of work, initiated as a purely photographic endeavor, highlights and ultimately embraces the unpredictable and experimental results of instant film technology as it evolves and it investigates the artist’s own relationship to photography as a personal pursuit in documentary and artistic practice. 

Using the first batches of instant dye diffusion film, as released by the Impossible Project, the series exploits the tension that emerges when working with technologies in flux and a highly reactive photographic medium. The photographs, made with the first Impossible Project instant films produced, result in visual impressions that deviate wildly from true-to-life or representational imagery. These accidental images, however so abstracted, effectively maintain an inventory and record of creative impulse intrinsically tied to the artist’s intuition and memory of experience, time, and place. The “instant" photographs are deconstructed, separated from their familiar white frames, and in some cases, cast in resin. Through this sculptural process, the photograph is realized as a multi-dimensional object and is presented as a specimen of memory.


Uprooted is an ongoing project series that explores the close and oftentimes paradoxical relationship between nature and the urban/built environment. Thus far, this series includes site-specific installations Grow, Believe in Nature, and Annuals. Each project in this series makes use of ideas previously explored via photographic efforts, including ideas about time and change, beauty, and marking of chronological time.

Facsimiles of time and beauty

"What is the felt experience of cognition at the moment one stands in the presence of a beautiful boy or flower or bird? It seems to incite, even require, the act of replication… When the eye sees something beautiful, the hand wants to draw it… Beauty brings copies of itself into being."

- Elaine Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just


Select images are from "Facsimiles of Time and Beauty" — a series of images captured and processed entirely on an iPhone. I wanted to experiment with the limitations of portable pop-technology in an effort to demonstrate its viability as a tool for fine art photography.